IoTNVR and LINOVISION Solution for LoRaWAN

Internet-of-Things (IoT) is a network of internet connected devices/objects for data collecting and sharing. IoT enables you to track and manage assets in a sophisticated supply chain ecosystem, bringing greater real-time knowledge and coherency of your assets.

LoRa is the de facto wireless platform of Internet of Things (IoT). LoRa chipsets connect sensors to the Cloud and enable real-time communication of data and analytics that can be utilized to enhance efficiency and productivity. LoRa devices enable smart IoT applications that solve some of the biggest challenges facing our planet: energy management, natural resource reduction, pollution control, and infrastructure efficiency. LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN standard enable countless use cases in a number of key markets including smart agriculture, buildings, cities, environment, healthcare, homes, industrial control, supply chain and logistics, utilities, and more.
Any Device
Any Network
Any Business

Connect the unconnected

Get long-distance wireless connectivity for battery-powered IoT devices. IoTNVR's LoRaWAN-compliant solution connects IoT endpoints across cities or rural areas, at low cost. Low power consumption allows battery life up to several years without being replaced. IoTNVR LoRaWAN is available as a standalone, or as an integral part of IoTNVR Industrial Asset Vision Solution, which improves business resiliency, safety, and efficiencies by monitoring equipment, people, and facilities.

What you gain with our LoRaWAN solution

IoTNVR offers a complete device-to-cloud solution that is fully integrated, easy to onboard, and designed to help enterprises with rapid time-to-market. It provides connectivity, device management and data transformation on the scalable IoT Platform with the benefits of the fastest growing wireless technology.
Comply with LoRa Alliance specifications and their long-term evolution.
Global market coverage
Operate on global unlicensed radio bands so that you can reach endpoints and users everywhere.
Total customer adoption
Apply our solution whether your organization is a service provider, a public-sector agency, or an enterprise.
Stand out with our total solution, which includes a carrier-grade outdoor gateway with geolocation capability and zero-touch provisioning.

How you can use our LoRaWAN solution

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