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Smart Farming

To meet the need for smart agriculture, we relaesed a LoRaWAN® Agricultural Monitoring Node-to-App Series. It aims to simplify the process of remote monitoring, build a data-driven and insightful farming strategy and help farmers earn more money.

We offers whole solutions including several agriculture sensors: ambient temperature and humidity sensor, soil electrical conductivity, temperature and moisture sensor, light sensor; LoRaWAN® gateway which can cover the whole farm and connect to hundreds of sensors; LoRaWAN® controller which uses relay output to control equipment such as pump and fan; and IoT Cloud which is forever free to use.

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Industrial Cellular Router

Modern technologies offer a wide number of applications in the energy sector, such as energy supply, energy transmission, and distribution. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the most popular technology that can be applied for improving energy efficiency and reducing the environmental impacts of energy use.

In today’s commercial buildings, installing an effective electricity metering system can be a source of substantial energy and cost savings. Cellular router, which comes with the rich VPN protocols and reliable wireless connection, as an essential component toward a comprehensive energy management strategy regardless of office or home energy management.

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Smart Office and Building

When we think of the indoor working space or inside environmental monitoring, all sorts of images will come to mind, such as the meeting rooms, HVAC systems, filtration, and other electronic systems.

However, both the office environment and office accessories affect human activities and work performance. Therefore, it’s necessary to know how to utilize IoT devices —— air quality detector and our cowork turnkey solution to help you well-being and work efficiency.

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Smart Water Management

In recent years, significant strides have been taken to implement IoT-based monitoring solutions in various areas such as liquid level measurement. Take water level in wells as an instance, monitoring and measuring the level with IoT-based system will protect users from running into serious problems such as water outages.

In the meantime, enterprises are continuously trying to deploy IoT technology into gasoline level monitoring and measurements to detect real-time accurate gasoline volume despite wide temperature swings, rough handling and harsh environments.

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