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PIR Presence Detection
LoRaWAN® Wireless
Brightness Measurement
Easy Configuration (via NFC)
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PIR & Light Sensor

  • PIR Presence Detection LoRaWAN® Wireless
  • Brightness Measurement Easy Configuration. (via NFC)

Detect Human Presence Accurately

Combined the PIR motion detection technology and brightness measurement, IOT-S202 can easily determine whether an indoor space is being used by human or not.

Assist Automatic & Intelligent Lighting Control

By integrating IOT-S202 with LINOVISION Smart Switch or
other LoRaWAN® lighting control devices, the lights could be
turned on/off automatically when people enter the space or leave.
 indoor Light Sensor

Ultrawide Range Detection

• 120° Horizontal
• 100° Vertical
• Up to 8 m distance

Smart Brightness Measurement

• 1 lux resolution
• Measurement from 1 to 60000 lux
• Determine the space as Bright or Dark
according to custom threshold

• IOT-S202 PIR & Light Sensor is compatible with industry-standard LoRaWAN® gateways
• With a range of up to 15 km in rural areas and 2 km in urban areas

indoor Light Sensor

IoT Cloud

  • Never miss any messages or requests from the remote site
  • Use the button at any time anywhere
  • Collaborative interaction with IoT sensors to trigger actions intelligently
  • Android & iOS versions allow you to manage devices at your fingertips

Easy Configuration

Switching on/off and configuring the device via NFC technology from mobile phone or PC
indoor Light Sensor
1st Step
Install the ToolBox (Android/iOS).
indoor Light Sensor
2nd Step
Enable NFC and run ToolBox,
attach your phone to the device.
indoor Light Sensor
3rd Step
Verify the password and start configuring.

Quick Installation

indoor Light Sensor
Double-Sided Mounting Tape Screw