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IOT-C100 is an IoT controller used for remote control anddataacquisition from Modbus RS485 devices viaLoRaWAN®networks. It can read up to 16 Modbus RTU devices and support Modbus transparent transmission between server andRS485devices as a Modbus to LoRaWAN® converter. Besides, IOT-C100 supports multiple trigger conditions and actions whichcanworkautonomously even when the network dropped. Combiningwith IoT Cloud solution, it can monitor and control remoteassets via web server or mobile App easily. IOT-C100 is widely used in indoor applications like smart metering, smart cities, building automation, etc.
  • Intelligent Trigger System, Data Collection Up to 16 Registers
  • Local & Remote Easy Configuration
  • LoRa D2D Controller without a LoRaWAN gateway
  • Autonomous Operation  even when the network is unavailable

IOT-C100-LORA Datasheet

 IOT-C100-LORA User Guide 

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IoT Controller


  • Modbus RS485 to LoRaWAN® Converter
  • Data Collection Up to 16 Registers
  • Local & Remote Easy Configuration
  • LoRa D2D Controller & Agent

Bridge across the Internet
and Modbus Devices

Linovision IoT/LoRaWAN Controller (IOT-C100-LORA) is an
easy and intelligent device dedicated to collecting data from
on-site Modbus RTU devices, and transmitting them to the
Internet via LoRaWAN®.

RS485 Interface

Offering a RS485 interface for connecting a range of field sensors or devices.
  • 3.5 mm Terminal Block
  • Reading Up to 16 Registers

LoRaWAN® Based

  • RS485 to LoRaWAN Controller IOT-C100-LORA
is compatible with LoRaWAN® gateways
  • With a range of up to 15 km in rural areas
and 2 km in urban areas
  • CN470/RU864/IN865/EU868/US915/

Easy Local & Remote Configuration

  • USB Type-C Port – Local Configuring
  • LoRa Downlink – Remote Configuring

Intelligent Trigger System

Users are able to set up 16 commands based on custom
trigger conditions (If-Then Statements) & actions to
realize intelligent task.

Autonomous Operation

Linovision RS485 to LoRaWAN Controller
IOT-C100-LORA can execute the commands
autonomously even when the network
is unavailable.

IoT Cloud

  • Store, manage and analyze all your data with a few clicks
  • Android & iOS versions allow you to manage devices at your fingertips

Mini but Powerful

Flexible Installation

Wall Mounting