Boost Efficiency in the Classroom with One Button by Implementing IOTNVR Solution

Boost Efficiency in the Classroom with One Button by Implementing IOTNVR Solution

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With the blossom of cutting-edge technologies, transformation trickles into the education sector as well, just like in healthcare and transportation. Innovative educational technologies support class activities, improve comfort and enhance the teaching and learning process for both teachers and students. Adapted to different scenarios, IoTNVR-solution-enabled classrooms can boost the efficiency of classroom equipment control by implementing smart scene control panels.


The classrooms and many other places on campus utilize different sets of controllers in several locations to interact with projectors, lights, ACs, curtains, etc., which impairs efficiency and hurts user experience. Teachers and students have an urge to seek a more efficient and convenient solution to deal with equipment control in daily life.

Featured Product

LINOVISION WS136 & WS156 LoRaWAN® Smart Scene Panel offer a multi-button control panel that can simply activate different pre-defined scenes with one button. Without any additional cable, WS136 & WS156 can be easily installed anywhere and control devices via LoRaWAN® or Milesight LoRa D2D communication protocol. LoRa D2D Communications is the direct communication between devices without data traffic going through any gateways. Thus, the data transfer time between devices is usually less than 1 second.


With predefined scene-oriented commands, Smart Scene Panel can control the lights, air conditioners, curtains, projectors, and other appliances in bulk. In the classroom, teachers can define various scenes like Session, Break, Dismiss, Lunch, Multimedia, Quiet Study, and so on. Teachers and students can control all devices to fit specific scenes with just one pressing.
IoTNVR’s solution offers convenient operation and efficient interaction which decreases complexity, boosts efficiency, and improves the user experience for teachers and students.


Scene-oriented Control
Each button of the scene can control multiple devices based on specific scenes

Equipped with a programmable E-ink screen or made-to-order PVC sticker for flexible display.

LoRa D2D Communication
Support Milesight LoRa D2D protocol to enable ultra-low latency (less than 1s) and direct control without gateway

Easy installation
Offer multiple installation methods like desktop mounting, 3M tape mounting and 86 box mounting