IOTNVR Improves Data Control and Energy-Saving for Smart Gas Metering in Kazakhstan

IOTNVR Improves Data Control and Energy-Saving for Smart Gas Metering in Kazakhstan

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As a matter of fact, smart gas metering makes it easy for natural gas companies to ensure system integrity, decrease pressure and generate greater social and economic benefits. That is to say, smart gas metering is a fully secure and cost-effective method to modernize the old gas system with data management and distribution monitoring. Hence, to achieve this goal, Control Link from Kazakhstan seeks help from IoTNVR.


  • Detect issues with consumption, pressure, etc.
  • Monitor and control gas delivery devices to manage billing history and data
  • Receive real-time alerts


Firstly, the gas meter connects to the industrial router via RS485 and transmits data to TCP2COM in a remote area.

Secondly, by installing SCADA on a laptop to read collected data from TCP2COM, operators are then able to manage gas metering data. Thirdly, real-time SMS and Email notifications work perfectly to send out alerts from IoTNVR router.

Key Benefits

  • Obtain usage patterns and make predictions
  • Manage billing data for historical use and analysis.
  • Improve operational efficiency of producers, gatherers and operators with the ability to respond immediately to real-time events

Featured Products

  • Failover between Ethernet and cellular connections are allowed to have better link resiliency and service continuity
  • Dual SIM provide high availability, allowing selection of the best performing network
  • Serial I/O allows real-time alerts on predefined rules

About Control Link

Control Link was established in 2010 as an engineering company for the purpose of complex deliveries and implementation of process automation (ACS), communications, control and safety systems at the facility.