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The IOT-S300AQ air quality sensor is designed based on the principle of laser scattering and is mainly used to detect the PM 2.5/PM10 particle content in the atmosphere. The product adopts high-sensitivity gas detection probe, with stable signal, high precision, wide measuring range and long transmission distance. It is suitable for air quality environmental monitoring in factories, schools, commercial buildings, construction sites and other places.

Outstanding Features:

• Laser scattering sensing technology, stable and reliable performance
• Wall-mounted shell, easy to install
• High measurement accuracy, fast response speed
• Communication mode: Modbus RTU communication protocol, RS485 digital output.


Weather, ropeway, ambient air quality monitoring
Greenhouse, breeding, air conditioning and energy-saving monitoring
Air quality monitoring in agriculture, medical care, clean space and other fields


 IOT-S300AQ Datasheet.pdf


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RS485 Modbus Air Quality Sensor

【Product Details】

RS485 Modbus Air Quality Sensor
RS485 Modbus Air Quality Sensor
Product design
RS485 Modbus Air Quality Sensor
Easy to install
RS485 Modbus Air Quality Sensor
Imported high sensitivity probe
RS485 Modbus Air Quality Sensor
High performance circuit
Electrical connection
Product wiring

System introduction

The intelligent environmental station system adopts advanced sensing technology and cloud architecture mode to achieve environmental data collection such as temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, rain and snow rainfall, PM2.5/PM10 air quality, and access through wired or wireless GPRS. Cloud, automatic storage of environmental data and online analysis and monitoring. The user can log in to the system through the PC or the mobile terminal to obtain the environmental data information cloud service in the environment station area, thereby improving the efficiency and quality of production and life.

Supporting sensor

RS485 Modbus Air Quality Sensor

Cloud platform PC interface

RS485 Modbus Air Quality Sensor

Cloud platform mobile phone interface

RS485 Modbus Air Quality Sensor
Standard Range
Testing Range: PM2.5 0-6000ug/m3 PM10 0-6000ug/m3
Technical Index
Output Signal digital output: RS485 (Modbus protocol)
Working Voltage 10-30VDC
Power consumption Digital signal maximum power consumption 0.4w
Parameter configuration Configure via the 485 interface with the provided configuration software
Resolution 1ug/m3
Working Environment -20-+60°C 0%RH-80%RH
Response speed ≤90s
Preheat time ≤2min
Communication mode 485 communication (Modbus protocol)
Device baud rate 2400 4800 9600 for option, standard 4800
Byte format 8 bit data bit, 1 stop position, no parity
Communication address: defaults to 1 Support function:03
Electrical connection Direct Lead