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IOT-C300-4G cellular remote I/O is a device used for data acquisition from multiple sensors. It contains different I/O interfaces including analog inputs, digital inputs, relay outputs, serial ports. Besides, IOT-C485-4G support multiple trigger conditions and actions which can work without network. Combining with IoT Cloud solution, it can be easily managed and controlled via web server or mobile APP. Adopting industrial design and IP30 metal case, IOT-C485-4G is widely used in indoor applications like smart industries, building automation, etc.

Outstanding Features:

• Easy to connect with diverse wired devices through DIO/AI/RS232/RS485/PT100 RTD input interfaces
• Support LTE 3/4G wireless communication
• Multiple triggering conditions and actions
• Embedded watchdog for device working stability
• Industrial metal case design with wide operating temperature range
• Compliant with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers
• Quick and easy management with IoT Cloud solution

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RS485 Modbus TO LORAWAN Converter