$1,900.00 USD

This is a fully integrated weather station for atmospheric environmental monitoring, including humidity/temperature/light/CO2/wind sensors, optional display LCD and solar panels.

Product Features
• Original stainless steel integrated design, beautiful appearance, real-time measurement with advanced sensing technology, modular design, configuration any combination, can achieve all-weather, long-term continuous online monitoring in harsh environments.
• high measurement accuracy, wide range, good stability, low power consumption, strong resistance to external interference, can work around the clock, not affected by weather changes, no need to calibrate.
• precision technology, solid-state design, more robust structure, high strength, weather resistance, corrosion and water resistance, long service life.
• integrated installation, small size, easy to carry, disassemble and install, suitable for gridding, intensive, refined layout requirements.
• Solar panel, LED display, lightning rod optional