$2,199.00 USD

This is a 4MP 25× IR PTZ Linkage Camera integrated with Bullet Camera, built-in AI Smart Detection, and Night ColorVu. It has built-in 4G LTE cellular wireless modem and is bundled with a solar power system, so it can be deployed in remote sites without a wired network and power.

Outstanding Features
• Built-in 4G LTE wireless modem, working with T-Mobile AT&T and Verizon networks.
• Unlocked, free to use your own SIM card.
• Bundled with 12V50AH lithium battery and solar charge controller
• Support both panorama and details, keep key areas under monitoring after pan, tilt, and zoom maneuvers, without losing important information.

• Panoramic channel supports F1.0 full-color lens, maintaining a good colorful image at night.
• Both panorama and detail channels support AcuSense to improve alarm accuracy for people and vehicles.
• Supports the linkage between panorama and detail channel, supports 3D positioning through the panoramic channel (PTZ will rotate to the specified position) and manual tracking (PTZ will track the target which is manually selected).
• Both panorama and detail cameras are 4MP resolution, panorama camera supports 25X optical zoom


Video surveillance sites that are without wired network and power, such as parking lot, construction sites, roads, gas stations, farms, etc. It can be bundled with a solar power system. Note: SIM Card and data plan need to be purchased separately.