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This RS485 IOT Sensor is an Air Atmospheric Pressure Sensor with detection range 0-120kpa.
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Product Details

Dimensions and Electrical Connections

Product Wiring

Product Design

Built-in imported high-precision measuring device, through industrial-grade microprocessor and digital-to-analog conversion processing, to ensure excellent output, high precision, low drift and good stability.
Easy To Install

Screw installation, easy installation, good versatility,can be applied to more working conditions.

lmported Component

Swiss imported components. Accurate measurement,wide temperature compensation, high stability, lowdrift and high repeatability.

High Performance Circuit

Fully automatic robot welding ensures stable,accurate and long-term reliability of the board.
A variety of probes are available to meet a varietyof operating conditions.

Product Application
———— Intelligent environment station ————
System Introduction

The intelligent environmental station system adopts advanced sensing technology and cloudarchitecture mode to achieve environmental data collection such as temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, rain and snow rainfall, PM2.5/PM10 air quality, and access through wired or wireless GPRS. Cloud, automatic storage of environmental data andonline analysis and monitoring. The user can log in to the system through the PC or the mobileterminal to obtain the environmental data information cloud service in the environment station area, thereby improving the efficiency and quality of production and life.

Supporting Sensor

———— Use with cloud platform to realize intelligent monitoring and management of Internet of Things ————

Cloud Platform PC Interface

Cloud Platform Mobile Phone Interface

Standard Range
Testing Range: air pressure:0-120kpa Temperature -40-80°C (customized for option)
Technical Index
Analog Signal output 4~20mA 0~5VDC 0~10VDC
Digital Signal output RS485 output (Modbus protocol)
Working Voltage 10-30VDC Note: 0-10VDC output (limited to 24VDC power supply)
Power consumption Analog signal (voltage/current maximum power consumtion 1.2w)
Digital signal maximum power consumption 0.4w
Accuracy Air Pressure ±0.15kpa (25°C) Temperature:±0.5°C(25°C)
Long term stability Air pressure -0.1kpa/year Temperauture ≤0.1°C/year
Temperauture ≤0.1°C/year
Response Time ≤1S
Working Environment -20-+60°C 0%RH-80%RH
Digital output: Device address 1-255 can be set, the default is 1
Device baud rate 2400 4800 9600 for option
Byte format 8 bit data bit, 1 stop position, no parity
Electrical connection Direct Lead