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This RS485 IOT sensor is an industrial temperature and humidity sensor with detection range  -40 ~ +80°C. It has built-in LCD display screen and audio alert.

Product Features
• High measurement accuracy
• Built-in high performance microprocessor
• Probe inside and outside optional
• Warm and wet use
• Superior performance and long-term stability

Applicable Scope
• Widely used in building automation
• Indoor environmental temperature and humidity monitoring
• Greenhouse greenhouses, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, etc.

Qty available: 100 SKU:IOT-300TH-D
Industrial Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Display
Technical Index
Temperature range -40~+80°C
Humidity range 0%~100%RH
Signal output RS485 output (Modbus protocol)
Working voltage 10~30VDC
Maximum power consumption 0.4W
resolution Temperature 0.1 ° C
Humidity 0.1% RH
Temperature and humidity refresh interval 1S
Record times 65000
Time and date Built-in alarm, real-time display