$145.00 USD

This RS485 Modbus IOT Sensor is a CO Carbon Monoxide Sensor, waterproof.

Product Features
• Wall-mounted housing for easy installation.
• Waterproof rubber seal inside, good moisture resistance.
• High quality waterproof and breathable membrane to ensure measurement accuracy.

Applicable Range
• Industrial, biological, medical, and environmental monitoring
• Mine, car, home, etc.

Qty available: 300 SKU:IOT-S300CO
CO measurement range 0~2000ppm
Temperature measurement range -40℃ ~+80℃
Humidity measurement range 0~100%RH
Temperature accuracy ±0.5℃
Humidity accuracy ±3%RH
CO resolution 0.1ppm
Signal output
Analog signa 4~20mA/0~5VDC/0~10VDC
Digital signal RS485 output (Modbus protocol)
Operating Voltage 10~30VDC Note: 0~10VDC output (24VDC power supply)
Power consumption
Analog signal (voltage/current maximum power consumption 1.2W)
Digital signal maximum power consumption 0.4W
Data update time 2s
Response time 90% step change is generally less than 50s
Electrical connections Direct lead