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● Supports IPsec VPN, PPTP,L2TP, OPEN VPN,GRE  etc. ensuring secure data transmission
● RS485 default,RS232 
● 1.5KV network isolation transformer protection
● Static IEC61000-4-2, level 2
● Pulsed Electric Field IEC61000-4-4, level 2 
● Surge IEC61000-4-5, level 2
● Hardware Watchdog
● Supports IPsec VPN, PPTP,L2TP, OPEN VPN,GRE etc., ensuring secure...
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Application scenario

Industrial 4G Cellular Router G806s is a combination of 4G LTE router and 4G DTU.
Integrating embedded cellular modem, it provides 3G/4G cellular network,
It also equipped with 2 fast Ethernet ports,1 RS485 interface(RS232 optional) and supports
Wi-Fi access. Features with compact and rugged design it can be used as a reliable failover
connection or wireless communication in harsh environment. It is suitable for large-scale
distributed M2M/IoT applications, such as smart express cabinets, charging piles, CCTV,
bank ATM machines, ticketing machines, traffic management,vending machines, medical device
networking, tower monitoring,construction sites,digital signage, electricity, water conservancv,
environmental protection, etc.

Smart Express Cabinet

G806s integrates routing and serial modem, which can not only provide network for industrial
computer and camera, but also provide data interaction for door lock.
When the user uses the smart express cabinet,
the USR-G806s can enable the cabinet and the server to communicate
in time and open the door of the box.