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  • Ensure Indoor Environment with Higher Welfare of Poultry
  • Highly Maintain Good Quality and Safety of Broilers
  • Meet Project Budget and Build up a Sustainable IoT System
  • Get Real-Time Data Analysis and Report and Make Informed Decision
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  • Support LoRaWAN protocol
  • High reliability and stability
  • Ultra-wide-distance transmission: 10km in line of sight , 2 km in urban scenes
  • Battery life ≥ 10 years
  • All parts are certified IP66 or IP67 and suitable for outdoor applications
  • Rapid installation and deployment
  • Perfectly with IoT Cloud (Web & App), which allows you to monitor your data in the office or on the go.

Easy deployment

Wireless Smart Agriculture Kit - Poultry Kit
Download Toolbox
Wireless Smart Agriculture Kit - Poultry Kit
Turn on NFC and attach the sensor to the NFC area
Wireless Smart Agriculture Kit - Poultry Kit
Configure your sensor
This Poultry Kit provides a wireless solution for Smart Farming and Precision Agriculture using LoRaWAN technology. It is designed to solves unique and complex remote monitoring challenges by combining efficient wireless sensors and gateways to perform industry-leading monitoring, real-time reporting, and instant alerts. It contains a gateway which collects data from the sensors and uploads it to the cloud for further analysing. The sensors included can measure:
  • Air temperature, humidity, and CO2
  • Barometric pressure
  • Light intensity
  • Magnetic door contact sensor, triggers alarm on door opening
The comprehensive off-site monitoring of poultry housings and performance are coming from this kit. With featuring high IP67 rating enclosure and multiple mounting methods, the G67 is able to be deployed outdoors and even operates normally in the harsh environment. The industrial-grade and innovative design enable the G67 to offer a wide network coverage for up to 15km in rural area and transmit data collected from sensors deployed within the area.

Later, the sensors, including door sensor (IOT-S500-MCS), IOT-S500CO2, and IOT-S500-LGT, have been installed indoors to detect and collect values of temperature, humidity, CO2, status of door, and light status. To keep the housing environment of poultry industry steady with the suitable temperature, humidity, CO2 and light status, IOT-S500CO2 is set to send real-time measurement for every 5 min over LoRaWAN® network, the IOT-S500-LGT can detect and collect values of light and transmit to LoRaWAN® Gateway instantly without any delay and the door sensor has monitored the status of door in case any poultry running out from the housing or being confronted with unexpected intruder.

All the data can be transmitted successfully and reported on the IoT platform . The sensors and gateway support two-way communications and offer good performance in both short distance and long range connectivities. Users can get real-time data and measurements of poultry housing environment on the IoT platform and identify critical issues causing process inefficiencies, making decision towards the holistic improvement of the production chain.


Wireless Smart Agriculture Kit - Poultry Kit

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Solution Benefits

  • Instant Notification and Alerts
  • Data Visualization on IoT Platform
  • Make an Informed Decision with IoT Insights
  • Improve Operational Efficiency in Poultry Industry
  • Increase Poultry Production by Offering a Better Indoor Housing for Poultry