Monitoring Air Quality in Mining Portable Offices to Prevent Potential Health Damage

Monitoring Air Quality in Mining Portable Offices to Prevent Potential Health Damage

Tom Yao


Different types of pollutants are released at various times throughout the mining process. While mining, the miners often wear masks, but when they gather at the portable offices, dangerous contaminants could also get inside along with the ventilation air from outside. The microclimate inside the portable offices may expose the workers to heavily polluted air, negatively impacting their health and productivity. In this situation, Linovision delivers a solution to measure the air quality in mining portable offices, which could guarantee the workers breathe in air with good quality and ensure their health.


  • Unable to Know Air Quality in MiningPortable Offices Off-site

Only when workers arrive at the portable offices readied for the meeting can they determine the indoor air quality which is already too late.

  • Limited Network Coverage

There is always a lack of network connectivity in the mining area. Deploying a wired network also costs a lot of money and takes a long time.

  • Inconvenient Power Supply

Always being in remote locations, mining sites are a sign of inadequate power supply. The deployment of many devices that require electricity is not practical.

  • High Cost

Measuring the pollutants of the air quality normally needs numerous sensors for different metrics resulting in the high cost of sensors, which also generated inconvenient installation.


The Linovision Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Sensor is ideal for the situation to address the aforementioned difficulties. IOT-S500-IAQ11 11-in-1 IAQ sensor can not only detect the temperature and humidity indoors but also can measure the PIR, light, carbon dioxide, TVOC, barometric pressure, PM2.5 and HCHO/O3 in real time. By collecting the data of IAQ, the sensors transfer it to the gateway via LoRaWAN® technology.